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Cast & Crew
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by Jon Lipsky

directed by Cole Ferraiuolo

Through a shifting jazz score that combines the heartfelt 1930s with the frenetic 1960s, Maggie's Riff is a time-bending examination into Jack Kerouac's memories. Provoked by nostalgia for his boyhood in small town Lowell and taunted by his first love, Maggie Cassidy, Jack tears though his past to separate the facts of his life from the fantasies of his novels.






Cast & Crew
Cast & Crew

Jon Lipsky, playwright

Cole Ferraiuolo, director

Adam Lipsky, music director

Noelle Viñas, assistant director

Austin Owen, dramaturg

Michelle Chesley, stage manager

Paul Rodrigues, as Jack Kerouac

Nicole Odell, as Maggie

JD Scalzo, as Mouse

Rich Lesnik, as Dr. Sax

Ouroboros Shadow Pictures, shadow projection

Alisa Javits, shadow designer

Maxx Kurzunski, lighting designer

Brooke Jennings, costume designer

Evan Wardell, sound designer

Brittany White, props designer

Alicia Bales, vocal coach

Noah Kramer, technical director