“The company is thriving on new work and off-center content”


“I still don't really know what to make of FaultLine Theater. I first became aware of the company when they landed at PianoFight and a theatre colleague of mine began regularly appearing in their shows. Between the trailer park incest, musicals about Tinder, and one show about folks who live their lives in a bubble out in the desert, I can't really put a bead the company as a whole . . .but the best I can think of for FaultLine is that they're, I dunno, off-beat?”

“The recipient of the SFBATCC 2018 Annette Lust Award - given to a promising new theatrical talent or an organization has demonstrated early in its existence the potential to have a significant impact on Bay Area theatre - is San Francisco's FaultLine Theater.”


“It also wouldn't be a FaultLine piece if the theater craft weren't top-notch”


“FaultLine Theater's stock and trade are witty and imaginative new works catering to millennials who understand the hi-tech and social media references”