Life Machine

November 1-10, 2014

based on Machinal by Sophie Treadwell

adapted and directed by Cole Ferriaoulo

choreography by Sophie Needelman

starring: Gwen Kingston, Celeste Coit, Sam Coughlin, Ponder Goddard, Michael Kunze, Nick Medina, Jon Oleson, Maryssa Wanlass, Hannah Westbrook, Rosa Navarrette, Robert Lowman, Lily Haine, Hannah Levy,

Life Machine tells the story of a young woman pushed to the point of murder. Set amid the shifting economic and technological landscape of 21st century America, Cole Ferraiuolo's radical retelling of this real life murder case presents an immersive media world of sound, movement, projection and performance. Life Machine revitalizes age old questions of gender, power and oppression and asks us all to reconsider what we are truly capable of.