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Cast & Crew
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by Barry Eitel

directed by James Nelson

A team of oddballs takes part in an experimental space mission....to nowhere. An ice cream related catastrophe strikes, and their world is thrown into turmoil as they seek answers from daytime TV, sex ed, and the extraterrestrials interested in their experiment. Experience a clever and darkly funny new play, where the audience plays the scientist in a psychological experiment that goes too far.

Written by Barry Eitel (head writer of Boxcar Theater’s 2014 production of Speakeasy) and directed by James Nelson (winner of the SFBATCC Best Direction award),The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident is FaultLine’s most ambitious production to date.

Cast & Crew
Cast & Crew

Barry Eitel, playwright

James Nelson, director

Austin Owen, dramaturg

Jordan Okano, production stage manager

Daniel Chung as Ripp

Adrian Deane as Jones

Nora Doane as Amy

Becky Hirschfeld as May

Paul Rodrigues as Tugg

Carlos Aceves, scenic designer

Wes Crain, costume designer

James Goode, sound designer

Noah Kramer, props and technical director

Maxx Kurzunski, lighting designer